Sony reveals new portals for Home

PS3 Home Logo

Sony has released information on PS3 Home portals for Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Warhawk. When home rolls out later this year (we hope) users will be able to access extra content from all three titles.

-Resistance: Fall of Man-
The lobby for Resistance will allow players to explore as of yet unseen areas of the game, hear “intercepted radio transmissions” that will flesh out the storyline and free-roam the levels of the game without all those annoying Chimera trying to turn your head into a red smudge on the wall.

-Uncharted: Drake’s fortune-
In addition to the free-roam feature seen in Resistance Uncharted will offer a classic 2D side-scroller described as crossbreeding of Contra and Out of This World.

This title seems to be bringing the most viably game improving features to the table. The Warhawk lobby will be decked out as a pre-battle War Room that will allow players to plan the coming altercation on a holographic sand table with either text or voice chat (just imagine the Geonosian spire from Attack of the Clones minus the insectoids). You will also be able to jump into games directly from the war room so it should eliminate a lot of tedious footwork for you the gamer.

The Original announcement of Home at GDC 07 was greeted with optimistic (if somewhat confused) enthusiasm from the Sony fanboys, skeptical interest from most everyone else and outright mockery and derision from the Wii folk who at that time were desperately trying to justify their allegiance to an underpowered system with a funny name. There was discussion as to whether or not Home would be anything other than a glorified chat room. Those reservations are disappearing fast with these announcements and if Sony can convince other publishers to follow suit and design high profile, innovative lobbies for their games Home may just become a major selling point for the system.

[Via Kotaku]


~ by Zack on February 27, 2008.

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